Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Busy Tuesday

I finished assembling a stack of very sweet birthday invitations at 1.30am (pushing lots of ribbons through oh-so-tiny holes), and then I worked on baby announcements for MK in Costa Rica... and that was just the beginning of our busy Tuesday. We spent the day up in Seattle, getting printmaking supplies for me and toys for little Berry (no, not her real name: that would be just too Gwyneth).

We tackled the printmaking department at Daniel Smith first, and that wore us out so much that I had to stop for sushi and Berry had to have to sleep. It was both liberating and weird to eat without a toddler attached to my arm. I kept feeling like I'd forgotten something.

When Berry woke up we threw ourselves into The Land of Nod, hands-down her favorite store in the Whole World. She was in a wonderland, building wooden hamburgers and taking dramatic swigs from the wooden tomato sauce bottle and working at the wooden stove. I used the gift card her nanna sent for Christmas and it was a very happy hour.

But back to our adventures in printmaking. Tonight after everyone goes to bed, I'll start tackling set-up...

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