Saturday, 24 February 2007

Creative Rush

I've been so busy getting my ideas down on paper that I haven't had time to write. Sometimes I'm just scribbling things like "birdcage lamppost gramophone cat" in a spirax notebook. Nathan saw it and said, "Well, I guess that looks like something in your head..."

I've been carving blocks – a nice, therapeutic feeling, and I'm setting them aside and making myself wait to print them till I have a nice long stretch of baby-free time. I always want to get on with it, but rushing won't help anything (I have to remind myself of that a lot). If I can get Berry into daycare a few hours next week it'll help.

I'm getting ready to roll with screen-printing next month. I'm excited at the thought of producing each and every piece by hand, and giving individual attention to detail. It makes every single card special and the process itself inspires new ideas and possibilities. I have to stock up on some more materials next week, in between doing some block printing. Our little house is becoming a live-in studio!

Pictures coming soon... promise.

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