Sunday, 4 March 2007

So many birds...

March is the start of spring, so at least the birds aren't out of season anymore!

These – and the pictures I'll post above – are all preliminary prints I did today, testing colours, ink consistency and paper alignment. I need a bigger stretch of time (and probably an extra brayer and an extra glass sheet, and oh, an extra table would be nice) to really get moving on these.

I'm also ordering stock in several different colours, and I'll be pulling prints in complementary colours – experimenting with that should be fun. I kind of wish I had a press, using the baren is a bit hit-and-miss at times. If I'm glass-half-full about it though, I can say it gives every print a unique finish, and an element of surprise. For me, that is, because I have to ditch the ones that don't look fabulous...

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