Sunday, 27 May 2007

Just like candy!

My latest thing: candy-boxes full of stationery! All the pretty sweetness of a box of chocolates, but they last longer (and you won't feel guilty afterwards).

They're called Card Candy. It's a whole lot of Pepperina Press stationery (bella figura greetings, chopsueycocktails sets, candybox cards as well as vintage bird and sweet lovebird notes) arranged in a lovely silver-colored brushed metal candy box, all tied with ribbons and resting on pretty pink raffia paper.

They make perfect presents – the pictures you see above are of the Card Candy boxes people bought as graduation gifts, and the picture below shows one of several sets that were sold for Mother's Day. I think they'd be good for birthdays, myself.

And credit where credit's due – it was my father-in-law's idea that got this rolling. He wanted to send a graduation gift that would be "like getting flowers, but better". Ta-daaaa! They're in my Etsy store now...


  1. very nice! and photographed well on top of that. I can never get enough of good photos!

  2. Helen this a fabulous idea & your stock is just so perfect for it. I can only imagine how crazy people are going to go over these! Big cheers to your father in-law for the great idea. I will definately be placing an order very soon for my own candy box.