Friday, 1 June 2007

Front Page!

Excitement for a Thursday: my bella figura Hello Sunshine card made the front page of Etsy!

It's my second time on the front page, but the first time I've actually grasped the significance of it (I was very new last time...). Chance-wise it's a bit like being struck by lightning, so they say...

On the happy side, I made several sales. On the sad, wish-I'd-known-this-before side, I didn't get to my listing in time to add extra quantities... so when someone bought the card, it slipped right off the page, never to reappear.

But not to worry! I got sales for this time, and educated for next time – to pay attention and act quickly if I see my work on the front page again.


  1. It was so weird because I found you like the previous day (I think i hearted you) and then I visited your blog and then you were on the front page! Congrats. I blog too. I just started--it's fun and scary--kinda lonely too...

  2. That's Great!!!! That's funny, it IS like being struck by lighting. I was checking my shop every 15 min the first time I was on the front page. It was astonishing how fast the numbers jumped up and up.
    Congrats to you!
    And may you have many more frint page items in your future.

  3. Congratulations! And pleased to have found your blog (through the etsy forum) Look forward to reading more.
    Sarah x

  4. Girl, you ROCK!! Congratulations!! :)

  5. Congrats on another front page Helen, hope there are lots more to come.

  6. Cool! Well done - although I'm surprised it's only the second time - I could have sworn I've seen your things up there countless times.