Thursday, 5 July 2007

All About Orange

Orange is... father-in-law's favourite colour baby's favourite food
...a bad colour to paint a kitchen (studies show it stimulates appetite and encourages overeating!) of the most-used shades in my colour palette (the others are pink, blue and chocolate)
...the signature colour of Etsy, which is one of the great places I sell my work
...always fresh and eye-catching
...on every single one of my Bella Figura cards!


I've been working on a whole lot of new designs – some for Christmas, some year-round – so you'll be seeing more orange (and pink and blue and chocolate) in my Etsy shop soon!

{This orange-y post brought to you by the first Etsy Blogger Group Writing Project, themed... yep, orange.}


  1. I painted the kitchen in our last apartment tangerine orange and school bus yellow. The floors were midnight blue. It was really spazzy ;D

  2. My favorite color and the color of my sunroom/dining room, ooops.

  3. Cute cards--they have a very "etsy" look!!