Saturday, 20 December 2008

Triumphantly merry and bright!

My first Christmas cards on the letterpress! Now that everyone has theirs, I won't be spoiling any surprises by showing them here.

I printed these on my trusty Chandler & Price Old Style letterpress using polymer plates I designed myself.

The midnight blue and the silver are printed on separate print runs (and separate days, as it turned out) with a complete press clean-up and oiling in between.

Nothing like some silver ink on the press to get things feeling festive...

Special care has to be taken with two-colour jobs, to make sure the registration is right. A little misalignment will have the elements of the design printing in the wrong places, and that's never a happy thing.

But these worked really well! After a bit of fiddling round with the gauge pins to get the registration spot on, we were away.

Last step: print the press name and web site on the back (being careful, again, to keep the weight of the impression from showing through on the other side).

And ta-da! A whole stack of shiny letterpress happiness!


  1. How long does it take to clean and oil the press between colors?

  2. Cleaning up the press takes me at least half an hour – more, if I get interrupted a couple of times (imagine!). You have to be pretty thorough because ink left on the press will destroy the rollers, and muddy up your next job if you don't get it all.

    Oiling takes five to ten minutes. There are a lot of holes in poky places to hit!

  3. I was so terribly impressed by this card when I received it. I know what card I am sending out next year!

  4. I loved the card, and the little cuties inside.

  5. Thanks Shelley and Sherry! It felt great to get them done.

  6. H, I love my card so much! I'm going to frame it after Christmas and put it in my office....where I keep a lot of my 'ahhhhh' stuff.

  7. J, that just makes me ridiculously pleased.

  8. What a beautiful card! I love hoe simple it is, and in non-traditional colours.