Thursday, 29 July 2010

All mine

In my daydreams, these dresses belong with me.

In reality, between the oil and ink of my studio and the chaos of my kid-raising life, they belong nowhere near me.

But one day – one day – I will meander along cobbled European streets in a dress just like the one on the right. Mark my words.

. . .


  1. I am not too choosey, Helen. Either are perfect for me. I'll be on the back of a blue vespa with the wind in my hair.

    One day.


  2. After reading this, I slipped into a daydream about traveling down cobbled European streets with that mannequin-stand's wheels in place of legs, and about how hard hard that would be.

    I'm sorry if that ruined your daydream.

  3. I have a lovely wedding photo to show you when I finally get them back, involving bride, groom and cobbled street and lots of vintage lace.