Sunday, 10 February 2008

Three hundred calories

Why oh why does being pregnant make you so hungry if you only need 300 extra calories per day??

The books merrily say things like: "you can get those 300 calories from a small tub of yoghurt and a piece of toast" !

Are they serious? Are these things written by men? Some days I want to get my extra 300 calories from a hamburger the size of a bus.

I would much prefer to listen to my mum, who says she followed "the Very Hungry Caterpillar philosophy – you know, just eat and eat and eat and eat". And she stayed skinny after having five kids. Five kids – read 'em and weep, people.

Equally, I could listen to this girl on Etsy, who said, "I totally bought into the whole 'you are eating for two' BS... They didn't specify what two, so I ate for two linebackers."

For now, I'll wander back to my twice-washed salad, my Lean Cuisine bowl (yes, I am too lazy to cook) and my Dove mini 60-calorie bar.

And feel a bit sorry for myself.



  1. But think of your baby, he *needs* a huge wodge of chocolate cake from time to time... xx

  2. I couldn't believe it when you mentioned that on Etsy! 300 calories!? BS!

    By the way, thanks for bringing me many, many happy memories with this pic, this was one of my most favourite books when I was little :)

  3. I'm eating a extra 300 calories a day....and I'm NOT pregnant. I say, eat up!
    But then, I'm an enabler.

  4. Pinkmilk, baby or no baby, everyone needs chocolate cake from time to time:)

  5. Agreed, especially during the cold winter months... we're with you in spirit Helen ;)