Monday, 16 February 2009


When I lived in Vancouver, one of the things that surprised and delighted me most was the spring – with its real spring flowers. After growing up in Brisbane where the main seasonal changes seemed to be handled by jasmine (in October) and Mayflowers (in, uh, September), it was a complete novelty to see daffodils and tulips springing out of the ground everywhere.

They don't spring out of the ground down here, and I doubt they'd thank me for leaving them out in the Mississippi heat. Instead, I buy them in pots and treat them gently in the house... and today I took them outside to have a look at the sun.


  1. We are still a month from tulips and crocuses popping out of the frozen earth, so this was a treat to see.

    And my blog has been so serious as of late, I enjoyed the diversion.

  2. Oh, pretty! I wish there were some flowers around here but no, just more snow.

  3. oh cool, looks like I've got round my blogger comments issue! Safari it is then...