Monday, 24 August 2009


Why haven't I been posting very much?


We were driving back from a great weekend away in New Orleans with Jason and the lovely Simran, when I had a brilliant idea about how we could rearrange the rooms in our house to solve every organisational and logistical and lifestyle problem we've ever faced (well, sort of).

The plan was ambitious, and meant we spent Nathan's whole vacation week moving every single piece of furniture in our house, except the dining table and the couch.

It's a two-story house and we deeply regretted the decision about halfway through – probably about the time I was standing on the stairs, balancing much of the weight of Nathan's grandfather's antique desk on my shoulders. Or maybe it was when we decided the Rearrange was the perfect time for an accompanying spring-clean, and emptied every cupboard and shelf in the house, and suddenly found ourselves wading through all this stuff... how do people who drop large bags off at Goodwill almost every week accumulate so much hidden stuff?

So it's been a hectic and stressful week for two people who are quite rigidly organised and plunge into anxiety when faced with disarray. Fortunately the Rearrange has brought a vast improvement, and although we're not yet back to our regular level of un-cluttered-ness, the end is in sight...


  1. They were in their element, after Berry got over the trauma of moving out of her pink-painted bedroom. That drama went on quite a bit longer than we bargained for!!