Friday, 15 January 2010

Un-Baby Shower

Baby showers can be fun (especially when you replace games with wine) and baby shower invitations can be fun too.

This is the latest custom shower invitation I've designed through Pepperina Press – it's flat printed, but it would be fantastic letterpress printed in just one or two colours. Letterpress adds the extra dimension that makes the design pop, even with fewer colours.

{I hardly need to say it, but the actual invitation doesn't have gaps in the phone number or email address. That's just me bestowing privacy via Photoshop...}


  1. UN-baby shower? Interesting! Love the colors. :)

  2. Thank you!!

    Maybe more correctly called a "baby un-shower"?? Hmmm... a baby shower minus the games, plus some wine. And husbands. It's really quite fabulous.