Friday, 23 April 2010

Sunflower + Slate

New: residency graduation invitations for the Medical University of South Carolina – a clean, modern design in slate and sunflower. If you click on the image above, you'll get a better look at it.

This is the kind of work I do when I'm not at the press (or, let's face it, trying to wrangle these children along the path to civilisation).

I especially loved this project because it gave me an excuse to talk to my BFF (haha! I've never used that before!) Pauline on the phone three times in one day. Unheard of! She's a physician at MUSC so we felt entitled to make multiple work-related calls.

. . .

{Dates have been digitally altered for privacy!}


  1. beautiful ... simple, clean, and elegant. :-)

  2. yay! love the post. they are set to arrive today according to the tracking. so excited I can barely pre-sleep for my shift to you later!