Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I'm not obsessed

Gallery of Modern Art : South Brisbane
After swearing all my life that I never would, I started drinking coffee a couple of months after Man-show was born.

I thought it was simply a way to stay upright.  In Australia – where coffee really is coffee – I've realised it's soooooo much more....

Brother Espresso, downtown Brisbane
Merlo espresso beans : vintage Bushells jar : my parents' place
Noop : Gumdale
Three Monkeys : West End


  1. Hey, nice to 'meet' someone so into coffee and beautiful design and printing. If you're ever in Melbourne I will happily recommend my fave coffee places.

    If you have time, check out my clumsy woodblock print on my blog today.

    All the best, Hariklia

  2. H, I'm so glad you're addicted to *good* coffee. If milk and I were better friends and soy milk didn't taste like feet, I'd be a coffee addict too.
    Oh I love thee.

  3. That came from Gumdale!? Gee London is bad at coffee.