Saturday, 18 June 2011

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

We've been in Germany 96 hours now, and Berry spins between acceptance and rejection. On Wednesday she wept bitterly and HATED GERMANY because the backerei had no muffins. Twenty minutes later she tried pain au chocolat for the first time and decided Germany was way better than America.

At the park in Queidersbach yesterday she again judged Germany "betterer" than America, but when she saw the local school she said "it makes me think of my school, and then I want to go home."

This morning something wasn't right with the bacon. It was American bacon, but she didn't know that. She burst into tears.

"German bacon!" she wailed.

"Everything here is German! GERMAN, GERMAN, GERMAN!"

. . .


  1. I know what Reed is thinking. He's thinking, "Fine. More Bacon for me."

  2. Yikes. She sounds a bit hormonal. :)

  3. lol poor girl. just holidaying in germany i assume?

  4. It's possible (although not guaranteed) that Berry would take a holiday in her stride :) but we've moved to Germany. We'll be here about four years!