Sunday, 25 February 2007

Outings and Oscars

Berry and I took an impulsive trip to Seattle this afternoon. I was bored and restless, getting impatient with not having all the right colors for my block printing, so I decided we'd pack up and drive to Daniel Smith to fix that. Usually going to Seattle knocks out the best part of a day for us, but we left at 3.30 and got back a bit after 6.30, successful and satisfied with ourselves. At least I was.

Berry got a treat capering around The Land of Nod, where we returned the wooden stove that had completely failed to interest her (didn't even really make it out of the packaging...) and got, instead, a little powder-pink tin bucket that she loved from the moment we arrived. Had to remove her motley little collection of plastic pigs, dinosaurs and giraffes in order to buy it!

We're watching the Oscars. So far the best dress of the night has been one of the girls from Dream Girls. Not Beyonce, not Jennifer Hudson, but the one whose name I don't know. (She's the one in the middle, and clearly looks way more fabulous than the other two.) I'll have to get famous and win something tremendous so I can have an excuse to wear an exact replica.

We've watched only two movies this year (seriously) – Little Miss Sunshine and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl ... both from On-Demand. Oh wait, also the Devil Wears Prada. So three. Mostly I'm watching the show thinking, I should watch that, should watch that, oooohhhhh, nice dress. Helen Mirren looks amazing. I'd like to look that elegant at her age.

Little Miss Sunshine was fabulous.

I'm off to rescue the camera from Berry. I sympathize; I was obsessed with cameras from her age onwards...

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