Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Physical Challenge

It snowed again this morning, lots of great big whirling snowflakes. It didn't stick, but it's enough to make me go to the gym instead of out for a run.

I worked on the Bella Figura girl cards for a couple of hours this morning and really got them refined, felt quite pleased with myself. Less satisfying was the "PHYSICAL CHALLENGE" I just completed by changing Berry's nappy, giving her a bath, drying and dressing her and combing her hair, all while she most emphatically wanted to be doing other things. (Was Physical Challenge only on in Australia, or do Americans know what I'm talking about?). So we zigzagged round the house with her at full speed and me trying to do the buttons up on the back of her dress, and we made a big fuss about putting another nappy on, making me feel like I was wrangling a calf. Or something. Sometimes I'm so, so tempted to just leave her bare and not especially clean.

Right now I have a little respite while she watches The Wiggles (her special treat, and almost the only kids' show I can tolerate) and we're getting ready for a trip out for groceries. Cue Physical Challenge theme...

Tonight I'm planning to clear out a bunch of space and create a new darkroom area, in preparation for the rest of the screenprinting gear. Last night I did a fair bit of block printing. Pictures later.

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