Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Vespas Galore!

I started selling my new Vintage Vespa girl cards on Etsy and the first one went straight to New York. I've loved Vespas since the first time I went to Italy... I mean my life flashed before my eyes a few times with the inevitable road-crossing near-misses – but that's not the Vespa's fault.

Nathan is crazy about Vespas and his dad's restoring one for him. It's one of those long-term projects, you know. Like the 1920-something Cadillac my Dad has been working on for 20-odd years... except not that extreme.

So there are two designs so far, "Birthday Thrills" and "Ciao Bella", and they come as individual cards or in pair sets. I'm designing more Vespa-themed cards featuring different girls. I had to research what 1950s Vespas look like to get this right! The models after 1955(ish) look a *lot* better than the pre-'55 ones, so I went with that.

Well I've got more orders to fill ... the admin side of things, but it's fun to sell to people all over the world (London yesterday!) so I have no complaints!

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