Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Geaux Tigers!

Berry and I are deeply grateful that Ohio State lost the BCS national championship game. If LSU hadn't won, Nathan might've had a nervous breakdown.

Nathan's never met a sport he didn't love, but he's particularly passionate about college football. Unbeknownst to them, Nathan has been 'coaching' the LSU Tigers through our television screen for several years. He just wouldn't have coped if they'd let him down – especially playing "at home" (sort of) in the Dome.

We went to New Orleans on the weekend so he could "get the atmosphere", and so that Berry could give LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey a few tips before the big game.

She didn't mind that he was a cardboard cut-out – he had balloons, and that's all that counts.

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  1. Ohh next time you need some yellow and purple flowers for Miss Berry's hair! :)

    Congrats on the boy!!