Thursday, 2 October 2008

Large and in charge

At least now I know why my back hurts so much.

At four months old, Kickbaby is 18lbs 12oz and 27 inches long. Depending which chart you believe, that's hovering around the 90th to 95th percentile. It makes for a pretty unwieldy baby.

I was trying wrangle him into a onesie the other day when it occurred to me: maybe he's yowling because this thing is too small. Even half-on, the outfit was sausage-skin-tight and he was miserable... so I had to put all his 9-to-12-month clothes aside for Goodwill and go tackle the 12-18 month racks at Gymboree.

When we were out running the other day, the contractors down the street offered him a "heavy lifting" job on the spot. So I figure if this expensive habit of whipping through the sizes continues, I'll just send him out to work.



  1. My baby is exactly the same. It was so hard to hold him for long periods because I just didn't have the strength. Now that he is 14 months, he's beginning to slim as he gets longer, so he's not really gaining any more weight. But he already fits into some 2T clothes. The fit scale are so varied I find.

  2. Sooo cute, but I hear you about hurting your back:)

  3. My little guy is, well, little but my niece at age two is as big as my four year old AND she constantly wants to be picked up...UGH!

    Have fun shopping at Gymboree and earn those Gym Bucks :)

  4. My little girl has been off the percentile charts for at least a year. Shes freshly two, and the size of a 10 year old I swear.

    I think chubby babies are cute. I can't believe its been 4 months already??