Saturday, 27 September 2008

Pirates and pools

We're still on the pirates.

"Any pirates going get me, mum-mum?" she asks in the darkened hallway of our New Orleans hotel – and – "No pirates get Uncle J on him bed," she tells me as I change the guest linens.

Turns out, while I've been busy assuring Berry that they don't exist anymore, pirates are very much alive. If we lived in South America or West Africa or Asia, she'd be right to worry.

Her fear of the water, though? Kirk was right – it took care of itself. I mean it really....



really took care of itself.


  1. Hello Pepperina! (is that your name??), I was watching your blog for the first time today, because Virgina from Lesthings told me about it.
    It is so nice!
    I do jewelery with stones, silver and leather and others... since long time ago but just now start being on the net.
    you can see some pictures in my blog, but still I have to put so many more..
    Well, hope you enjoy them!!
    Kind Regards
    Laura Roso

  2. I'm so glad for Berry's sake and yours!
    Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed the beach!!!

  3. I LOVE Berry's little swimming costume!

  4. Glad to see that those pesky pirates haven't scared her from the wonders of the water!