Monday, 15 June 2009

Aussie kids

I smuggled some Weetbix back to America, but not enough. We ran out very quickly, which is a real shame because the kids loved Weetbix.

I would suspect that they'd been brainwashed by the television ad jingles ("Aussie kids! are Weeeeet-bix! kids!") except I don't think that one's even on TV anymore.

So it must be in the genes.

{Above: Berry and Weetbix, in happier days.}



  1. LOVE Weetbix-we can get it here in Canada!
    I have the same problem when coming back from the uk at Christmas...I like bringing Earl Grey back because it just doesn't taste the same over here...but I'm out!

  2. Ah yes! Cereal! I probably should've mentioned that...