Friday, 26 June 2009

Birthday boy

I've been so scattered that I even forgot to mention Kickbaby turned one year old in May. (Of course I'm an excellent mother.)

We went to Florida for the weekend and he ate, with gusto and determination, at least 10 percent of Pensacola's beach sand.

This, then, seemed like the most appropriate birthday cake I could make...

Happy late-posted birthday, Kickbaby. And because he's not really a baby anymore, I am (also belatedly) going to have to re-name him – just for blog purposes! I'll let you know...


  1. Oh H, a year already?! I remember when he was born. Gosh, so much has happened in the last year. Nice work on the cake!

  2. Very nice. I suppose the only part he wanted to eat was the shells?

  3. I love the cake! Perfect for him.

  4. It's actually a vanilla-bean ice cream cake covered in sand-coloured coconut. So the most I really did was shape the ice cream into a sandcastle and colour the coconut.

    I know. I've ruined the magic.


  5. What a sweet little cake!
    Happy Birthday, little guy :)