Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A twist in the tale

Berry brought me a book to read to her before bed.

"It's about bugs," she said. It was actually "My First Book About God" – but it had a tiny bug on the flower being held by the girl on the front cover.

So I read.

"...and God gave us the sun and the flowers and the rivers and the sea..."

"And – candy!" she exclaimed.

"Oh! Really!"

"Yep. [pause] They got good lollipops."

"Who has?"

"The Baby Jesus. All kinds of lollipops and fruits in a bowl."

She made careful little sprinkling motions with her fingers.

I hope the Baby Jesus knows how lucky he is.



  1. Have to love a child's perspective!

  2. It does leave me wondering what goes on in her head... such strange little mysteries!

  3. Please tell me you have seen Taladega Nights!


    I hope the link works!

  4. "I like the Christmas Jesus best and I'm saying grace."

    I had not seen it! Fantastic!!!