Sunday, 25 October 2009


After finally reaching the finish line with my letterpress art prints, I gave the press last weekend off and we went to Pensacola.

You can't see the evidence here but trust me – Man-show tried to eat most of the beach. On purpose. By the handful.

Berry was busy making friends with Natalie...

...and with the Forgione boys... and she absolutely insisted on "swimming", despite the cold front which had just swept in. Hmmm, icy.

Good to have the sand beneath our feet again.

(and in our car, and in our clothes, and in our suitcases.....)


  1. Is it just boys? My son tried to eat sand, my daughter never did.

  2. It must be! Berry was panic-stricken about sand for ever so long, and I can assure you she's never let a grain get in her mouth. But little man appears to consider the beach a buffet....

  3. the joys of sand! it's a beautiful beach...