Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hello, my lovely....

Look! It's my extremely marvellous mother's day present!

I also got breakfast in bed from Nathan and Berry, and a mimosa which I managed to splash on the sheets while I was admiring the card little Man-show had drawn for me. Sadness.

Berry was extremely excited to have an Occasion and she as she cosied up next to me in bed she said "I'm loving this mother's day with you!" at least three times.

After a while I asked, "Do you want me to come downstairs while you eat breakfast?"

"No, you take your time," she said, all sixteen-like. "It's your day, so you don't have to do anything." She paused. "Except put us in our jarmies. And put us in the bath."

Another pause.

"And clean up."

. . .