Monday, 17 May 2010


Man-show turned two on Saturday. Two!!

Berry very seriously helped me organise a little Thomas The Train-themed party for him. In the process, I forced myself to start saying Thomas the Train instead of Thomas The Tank Engine, which is what I grew up with.

Our out-of-town guests were Grandpa, Tine, cousin Parker and Woof-Woof (the dog; not his real name) and Man-show was beside himself with excitement despite being woefully sick with a ferocious cold.

"Oh my DOSH!" he shouted when he opened his Handy Manny laptop. "OH MY DOSH!"

It was all pretty marvellous, really.

. . .


  1. What? WHAT?! What have they done to the Tank Engine??

  2. Thomas the TRAIN! What the.. Always be Thomas the Tank Engine to me.

  3. I KNOW! I'm appalled too. It's hard to maintain the indignation daily, though. But still... ugh.

  4. Oh my dosh, Thomas the Train? More logical, I guess. Happy birthday to the little man, two already?!

  5. Looks like a marvelous cake! Hard to believe he's two already tho. Wow!

  6. It is kind of hard to believe! Although the other day a friend said, "Wow, it doesn't seem like two years!" and I said YES.IT.DOES.