Friday, 10 September 2010

Bad Blogger: Chaos Edition


Usually when you have a blog, and you go to the other side of the world on holiday, you write a little something every day to share the wonders and adventures of the place you're in.

I prefer to become paralysed by imagined pressure, failing to write anything at all until a good 30 days in; then I try, unwisely, to unload it all at once.

Here, I've made the unloading even more random by uploading my pictures in no particular order and being unable to shuffle them. I'm going to just write stuff underneath them, and hope you stick with me. 

Good luck to us all. Let's begin.


First of all, I love being home so very much.  Australia is such a novelty – which is sad in one way because it must mean I don't fully belong anymore, but happy because everything old is new again.  The shine of it! Kookaburras laughing when I wake up early. Magpies singing as I walk to the gym.  Lemon gum and eucalyptus on the air, Weetbix for breakfast and Australian news on the TV.  Did I mention the amazing coffee??  Yes, yes I did.

My "Australia radar" malfunctioned at first, going into overdrive.  See, back home (which home? America-home) I have a constant scan going on for all sightings and mentions of Australia and Australian things. I didn't realise this until I got here and my brain kept shouting, "Hey! Hey! An Australian accent!  Hey! They just talked about Brisbane on the news!  Hey! That's Powderfinger on the radio! Hey! An Australian flag!  Hey!  A koala sign!  Cuuuute!"  I've become accustomed to it after six weeks, so that I don't spin out anytime someone mentions Melbourne or Milo, but the fun endures.

You know what else is new again?  My friends.  I have connected and reconnected with dear friends, and I just love them so much I want to take them home with me.  It's unreasonable that I can't just drag Australia and America up alongside each other. Why does continental drift take so long, and go in the wrong directions?

Here above: Kristy and Gerrod. I'd actually never met them before this day at Brother Espresso, but they shared a flat with my brother and sister-in-law in London so we were meant-to-be lifelong friends. I'm pretty sure Gerrod knows when my grandparents' anniversary is and how to spell my sister's middle name and stuff like that, so – we're tight. Also, they're funny (the picture at the top of this post? that's me losing my composure next to Gerrod for at least the fourth time).

Here's Kirsty (above), my best friend from Grade 8. I went a whole 19 years without seeing her until we discovered each other on Facebook last year (kudos, Facebook!)  We've been scrambling to make up for lost time ever since, and it's a joy. 

Kirsty's little boy was born the same week as Man-show, so our kids get on like a house on fire. Without the kids, we went to an extra-special-fancy girls' night out with Jodi, who made our trio in Grade 9.  Neither of us had seen her in fully 20 years, and six hours out together barely scratched the surface.

That's Jodi's death-by-chocolate... I blame the borrowed camera for being bad at close range – not me. It's never me.

I have been going to some great restaurants here, that reminds me.  And did I tell you?  I went to the incredible Valentino Retrospective at the Gallery of Modern Art.  It was an amazing exhibit; seeing those iconic gowns together in one space was inspiring. Berry and Mika were keen to find the most-princessy dresses – there was a heated debate over which of them would "get to wear" the pink caped evening ensemble from Winter 1990/91...

Photography was super-strictly forbidden inside the gallery, so you'll have to take my word for all that. But here are the girls standing by the V.

And with that, I've worn myself out.

More randomness soon, featuring animals, the Opera House, midnight at McDonald's, fairy bread, and how awesome it is to see my family.

. . .


  1. What a great trip you're having! (and those yellow koala signs really exist, wow!) Definitely identify with the novelty of home, I don't think it necessarily means that you don't belong, just that you're seeing it from a certain distance. Make the most of every minute x

  2. What a heartwarming update. Thanks Hel!

  3. Nice to read about Australia from someone who's been away for some time. How long have you been living in America?
    It used to feel like living at the end of the world, growing up in Melbourne, but I think now days everything really does seem closer.

  4. Kate yes -- the koala signs are everywhere around where my parents live. The one in the photo is at the end of their block. I didn't pay them much attention before I left (koalas yes; signs no).

  5. Thanks Hariklia -- I've been gone for ten whole years (good grief!). I landed in America in July 2001 and apart from a year in Canada, I've been there ever since.
    Australia does feel closer these days... certainly Brisbane feels nothing like the "overgrown country town" anymore!

  6. Ohhh, that Australia Radar thing is just so bizarre, isn't it? Like when someone walks up to you in the store and says, "Hi, howya goin?" and at first you think, "What's it to you? And how did you know I was Australian??" and then moments later you realise, "Oh, you work here. Boy, I did NOT see that coming..."

  7. Ohhh... and like, how you hang stuff on the line? And then it DRIES... in like, forty minutes - instead of two days?!

    Wait... maybe that's just an ex-London thing. You probably have dryers that actually work in the States. And sunshine, too.