Monday, 13 September 2010

Not enough

Oh Sydney, stop having so many things to do.

I can't get to them all, and it frustrates me, and makes me think up wild schemes like staying for a month, or immigrating.

Once again we barely scratched the surface.  Wave-chasing and sandcastles; fish-n-chips at Manly Wharf, which turned out to be enough seafood to feed a footy team; a sunshiney ferry trip and the Opera House in all its glory...

...and Taronga Park Zoo.  We didn't even get to the zebras and tigers, an oversight Berry is unlikely to forgive or forget.

We did see the snakes though, appropriately under the tank stand...

...and the seals and the penguins, the wombat (just one, and ornery at that)


... and the monkeys and the pelicans...

...two angry emus, some wallabies, one koala, three giraffes and many kangaroos (lazy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise)...

...the peacocks and the elephants were a major hit.  Later I asked Berry her favourite part of the zoo.

"The ice cream!" she said.

Feeling crestfallen that I could've just taken her down the street for a Paddlepop with the same effect, I asked more pointedly: "What was your favourite animal at the zoo?"

"Oh!" she said. "The koawallabies!"

(That, my friends, is how new species come to be.)

There are no pictures of my blissful spa time at the famous Missy's Place, the fantastic dinners we did have, nor the shops and restaurants I wanted try but didn't quite get to...

...but we'll be back.  Don't make me resort to wild schemes.

. . .

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