Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Two at the foreshore

I was four and my sister was two, and Dad took this photo of us in black-and-white and very fetching hats at one of our favourite places – the Wynnum-Manly foreshore.

Fast-forward a couple of decades... Berry is 18 months old, little C is 12 months, and Dad wants to recreate the scene during our Australia visit. What a fiasco! Organising toddlers for a photo is like herding cats. Truly a fool's errand, and in blazing Brisbane heat it's less funny than you might expect. This (below) is one attempt that doesn't have little C powering into the foreground, or Berry throwing her hat somewhere. Or Mum, mid-flight, trying to rein in a stray child or turn them to face the camera.

But oh look – fabulous – there's a shadow of the photographer's thumb in the corner! We won't name names. We also won't try to pose these little rabbits for a photo, ever again.

(We may have our fingers crossed behind our backs, though.)

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