Wednesday, 9 April 2008

34 Weeks, still standing (barely...)

And I thought 28 weeks was grim...

On Friday I have to go in for another ultrasound growth study on Kickbaby, to see what he's up to now. And how large he is.

If this goes on much longer, I'm going to have to buy bigger maternity clothes again – because I'm bursting out of the shirts I have. I can hardly bear the thought.

Things I'm looking forward to, in no particular order:
1) wearing normal clothes (and fitting into more than four outfits)
2) sleeping on my stomach
3) rolling over in bed
4) breathing easy
5) Pinot Grigio
6) sushi
7) going out in public sans comments, stares and 20-Questions
8) running
9) real workouts
10) shopping for something other than shoes
11) playing on the floor with Berry, without seriously wondering how I'll get up again
12) a cocktail or five (okay, two)
13) no midnight leg cramps
and last but not least –
14) holding Kickbaby, and saying, Hello there, what took you so long...?


  1. I love the belly shot! Let us know Kickbaby's progress, looks pretty well baked already!

  2. You look incredible!!! Hang in there!

  3. Aaah it wont be long before you will be lying on your belly in bed in one of 35 outfits drinking a cosmo and wishing for a leg cramp. Well not wishing, those things are evil.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Anna, you just made me even *more* excited about the post-May months.

  5. awww, you look adorably huge. You sure there aren't two in there? sorry, i'm sure at this point that is not at all funny. I remember about a week of only fitting into some huge t-shirt with a cow on it and playing solitaire in bed with a tiny deck of cards. Yes I think I did that for the last week. Where can you go in undies and a huge cow shirt?

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    get here kickbaby.

  7. Just gorgeous!! It seems like forever but it is just a moment in time, I hope it all goes well for you!!

  8. Oy!

    Remind this I've-never-born-a-child person how many weeks is considered full gestation?

    I'll have a drink for you...

  9. Hang in there. You look great and soon enough you'll be celebrating with a glass of Pinot!

  10. I know exactly how you feel.
    I have a similar photo that the family passes around to get a laugh (at MY expense)...I made it to 37 weeks though and there he was. I think if I went full term, I'd have been wearing bed sheets toga style!

    Hang in there!

  11. Oh, this looks very familiar indeed. Well, you are nearly there and all of the things on your list will come true! Hang in there- at least you're standing! :)

  12. That's nuthin', I have an uncle with a beer gut bigger than that!

    Kickbaby will be here soon and all the discomfort and sacrifices will be forgotten....*ahem*

  13. Oh my, I remember those have a wonderful picture there and I hope the little one will make an appearance soon.

  14. Tell the kickbaby to hang on for a few more weeks. It won't be too much longer!!! Congrats!

  15. love the belly! Of course I looked that pregnant at 28 weeks,so I am a tad jealous.
    Not much longer until the little kicker is done baking!!

  16. Great picture! Oh I remember thinking how very nice it would be to sleep on my stomach.

  17. I'm aching for you! I'm not good at being pregnant, but you seem to be getting through! Keep your chin up! It's getting so close!

  18. Oh my. I know it's miserable, but I do sort of miss pregnancy sometimes (in a distant, I don't really remember the details kind of way). It was the only time I had no worries about holding in my stomach!