Monday, 7 April 2008

Secret stash

No, I won't share.

When my wristlet order arrived from my fabulous friend Jodie (of Meringue fame), it was also overflowing with contraband guaranteed to make a pregnant Australian girl a bit homesick and very, very happy.

I haven't even told Nathan it's here, because I just know he'll try to "acquire" the Tim Tams. He is a Tim Tam maniac with no conscience.

And here's a picture of my much-loved Meringue wristlets. I'm now the proud owner of four – and I won't be sharing those either.


  1. You keep those goodies a secret and use them as required. Especially the Tim Tams and Wagon Wheels.
    Good times!

  2. You made a haul. Best to keep them safely hidden away!

  3. Oh the things I would do to dig into that pile.

    your blog is fantastic. i'm glad i found it. I like the pictures of your daughter :)

    xx Tia

  4. You have a nice blog and hello from a fellow journalist and hoarder of chocolate!

  5. Wow! I've never seen any of those candies before. They look exciting :)

  6. Looks like a reasonable stash - especially for a pregnant girl!

  7. WAGONWHEELS??? Ooh, the delicious sticky childhood memories...

    (Pie makes pretty things, doesn't she?)

  8. I just realized I commented on a very old post and the Wagonwheels are quite likely gone by now. I blame Jodie, her blog brought me to this post.