Sunday, 20 April 2008

Home, James

Berry's been missing her London visitors, and she's given her detailed "Uncle Jules, Aunt Shey-yey, go big airplane, back own house, not fall down" commentary pretty regularly. She's also been busy variously declaring herself "a imp" and "a cwown" and "a caggywag" (that's scallywag – she'll get it right one day). Her new comic routine: interrupting her own stories mid-sentence with "MOO! I a cow!"

After they left I became even more acutely aware (as if I wasn't already) of how completely great Jules and Shelley were with her. They're an exemplary uncle-and-aunty team. The first day after their departure was quite the challenge because Berry was really missing the full-on attention of her super-patient playmates, and I was realising anew how completely constant she can be when no one else is around. I guess it also doesn't help that the endless discomfort and sleepless nights (thankyou Kickbaby) are starting to make me the teeeeensiest bit irritable.

Fortunately two-year-olds are as appealing as they are exhausting. In the end, an imp and a caggywag will make you feel it's all worthwhile...



  1. Have you tried cardboard cut-outs. Berry will talk to them for days before she catches on....


  2. I love it – but I'm afraid that as soon as the cut-outs fail to comply with an order *immediately*, the gig will be up.

    Ah, the pain of it all...