Thursday, 11 December 2008

Santa with an "Rrr"

Uh-oh! Berry has just clipped her first hurdle in adjusting her pronunciations to account for her mother's Australian accent.

Surrounded by Americans, she's learned to automatically add "rrr" sounds to the words I pronounce as "pahk" and "freeza" and "cah" and "dishwasha". She does it even for words she's never heard before.

It's a nice compensation – pretty seamless, helps her blend in with everyone else. Unfortunately, it means she now calls the jolly fat man "Santerrrrr". You know, because obviously mummy just forgot the "r".



  1. I'm totally fascinated with Berry's accent, it is ridiculously adorable. I love watching her video clips. It seems I can handle accents on kids but I must admit I was thrown during our recent trip by children speaking other languages, it just seemed so alien. Sue

  2. Isn't that funny that she knows how to do that! You would think she would say some things the way you do - and others the way Americans do. Amazing kid!

  3. Ah Adeyaide, whatever happened to her just saying either "Mooooo!" or "Go 'way!"

  4. Ah Berry, whatever happened to her just saying either "Mooooo!" or "Go 'way!"

  5. I just love love love all your stories...your Berry is a very smart gal...and so entertaining too!