Thursday, 28 May 2009

Friends in far places

No one else has ever taken a "picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge" quite like this.

That's half my head on the left there, and about a third of photographer-extraordinaire-Jodie's head there on the right. And in the background you can see exactly none of the Harbour Bridge, which we were aiming to highlight. Nice.

The one below is a bit better – lacks the pizazz our faces would've lent to the scene (!) but it's a sort of moody view across the rooftops of The Rocks towards the Opera House. Jodie took me to The Rocks, a piece of history I've wanted to visit ever since I read Playing Beattie Bow when I was twelve.

But I'm getting this all back to front, really.

Jodie, of Meringue fame, is a friend-I'd-never-met despite a good year or more of almost daily emails. We fixed the never-met bit over drinks one night with Stuart, my childhood next-door neighbour and sometime partner-in-crime, and his work mate Paul.

I should mention that Jodie drove up to Sydney from Melbourne, and that Jodie and Stuart and Paul know each other through Facebook, and that I had never met Paul and hadn't seen Stuart in at least 15 years. It all gets a bit involved, really.

Anyway, to get such unprecedented freedom (more than two hours! at night!) I left the kids with poor mum at the hotel, and Kickbaby yelled for a solid hour. He has his preferences, and I am one of them.

The next morning Jodie and I had a Very Important International Business Meeting with Simone Walsh at Bill's. I don't have a picture of that. Simone said almost before we sat down There will be no pictures and I must have been feeling especially acquiescent that morning, because my ever-ready camera stayed in my purse. I regret that now.

I've got no excuse for not taking any pictures of Jodie and me at The Rocks or down on the harbour. None at all.

I did get this beauty, though. On a bustling street right in Darlinghurst, there was a little apartment above a newsagent, topped with what looked like a rooftop refugee camp. The picture can't do justice to the crazy low-rent clutter that filled that tiny space.

And one more from The Rocks... and still none of Jodie and me. Maybe next time.


  1. Never been - don't know if I ever will - so pictures are great!

  2. That was a great post - did the rocks live up to your Beatie-bow expectations?

  3. Clearly, my photography skills will not win me any awards in the near future. But hey, look at how few crows feet we have! Yep, the one benefit of forgetting I had the zoom on...wrinkle patrol.
    It was great meeting you, H. We must do it again soon.