Monday, 18 May 2009

J is for Jet Lag

For the first week we were home, Berry and Kickbaby crashed into deep, absolutely unwakeable sleeps during the day and wanted to have games! and lunch! and more games! from midnight through 5am.

If they had both fallen into simultaneous unwakeable daytime sleeps, then I would have slept too – and life would've been upside down but bearable. But noooooooo, they slept at different times, so that I always had to be up and alert in case the awake one got into a medicine cabinet or a knife drawer or an electrical socket. Toddler conspiracy at its finest. So I stumbled through the days and dreaded the nights and got absolutely nothing done.

Things have been improving bit by bit, through some brave/foolhardy nap-prevention on my part, noisy games and sunlight, and just the passing of time I guess. Of course now Kickbaby is teething again, so last night – just as an example – I spent 1.30am through 4.40am pacing the floor with him.

An-y-waaaay... all this is a very long way of explaining my lack of posting, and my very unsatisfactory reporting on the Australia trip. I'll patch it all together again when I'm getting more than two hours of sleep at a time. Promise.


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  1. Oh my. Yeah, kids wouldn't know you have to work at reorienting yourself - and after going so far for so long - um .. it still might be a while. I HOPE NOT! But it might.
    I'm sure I would have resorted to cough syrup by now. I'm old enough to have had my kids when docs would still tell you to do that kind of thing. Actually, I think it was Benedryl. NOT making a suggestion by any means. Just saying - you're a braver and better mom than I. Good luck!