Saturday, 9 August 2008

Love and little fingers

I stretched out on the couch for a nap (it had to be the living room, because that's where Kickbaby was sleeping) and as soon as I started to drift off, Berry climbed up next to me.

Yes honey...
"I lie down next to you?"
Okay. Lie on this side.
"Mum-mum, I share you pillow?"
Yes, you can share my pillow...
"Mum-mum, that you eye?" [poke]
Ow! Yes that's my eye. But we don't poke eyes.
"Mum-mum, [poke] that you other eye?"
No poking eyes! That hurts!
"I love you mum-mum."
I love you too, sweetheart.
"I love you too, mum-mum. I love you very much."


I suppose it's worth the eye-pokes.



  1. awww, I wish my Eleanore would do adorable things like that. That sounds precious. Instead, she pushes my stomach just as I'm falling asleep, and says "push brother or sister". That wakes me, and baby brother or sister us, real quick.

  2. How precious...thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, your Berry stories always make me laugh! A smart cookie that one, to follow the eye pokes with the "I love yous!"

  4. You bet it is worth the eye pokes..I just love it..sweet..

  5. Frame that in a circle and post it on the comics page. Move over Bill.

    ...sorry, I couldn't resist. I do love it.