Monday, 25 August 2008


Being a big sister is one of Berry's proudest achievements (oh yes – she is under the impression it's a position she's earned through merit). Yesterday she sidled up to Kickbaby, who was lying on my lap. "I love you, little man," she said. "I love you very much. Your big sister give you a kiss, and a hug, and a softhead."

Uhh... a what?

A "softhead", it turns out, is Berry's invented term for rubbing the palm of your hand gently across the top of a baby's head.

Everyone does it. Now you have a name for it. You're welcome.



  1. A lovely thing to remember.I would treasure one today...

  2. How sweet!
    Thanks for the technical term, Berry! :)

  3. ha! gotta love it. i love that her name is Berry. sweet picture. it always makes me smile when children who have younger siblings take on the big sister/big brother role with such pride. & love.

  4. Glad it was softhead and not hardhead, smackhead, or roughhead. I'm guessing she won't be the big sister that someday you will tell stories about her dumping her little brother out of his cradle!

  5. Oh, and I came across this Tresury're in it:

  6. Hehe. I love this. I'm always hearing hilarious sentiments from my eldest to her brother.

  7. Softhead...ha! My 4yo niece comes out with pearlers like this and they always amuse me. I'm going to give her a 'softhead' when I see her next time.