Friday, 8 August 2008

Oh so terrible

Berry's birthday is in September and although we haven't really been talking about it, she's lately taken to announcing, "I not three yet. I not three. I not big."

I wonder if she's trying to dampen any hope that the end of the Terrible Twos might be sight, or if she's just heard people saying things like: "Three is the new two" and "They should call it the Terrible Threes".

I get an urge to kick people who say that. First of all, "Terrible Threes" has no alliteration, so it doesn't count.

Second of all, I've had enough terrible. Don't tell me it needs to last another year – I'm done.



  1. That is the funniest sign, I've seen! Good luck with your soon-to-be-3 year old!

  2. I agree. Alliteration is a requirement for any prophecy of doom. Thus, I think you are safe.

  3. I just love that photo and how true those words are. I know I have four daughters and have been at plenty of 2 year old parties!