Sunday, 9 November 2008

Good mamas like parties, don't they?

I don't care what anyone says – kids' birthday parties are sent to test us. Even the best of them are noisy and tiring and full of little battles. They hurt. They make me want double espressos and wine and a quiet corner, and perhaps a sleep.

The fairies and princesses were cute though. And everyone was gracious enough to put up with Kickbaby's sporadic teething-related yowls. But oh, afterwards I just wanted to hurl myself into bed.

(Before you feel sorry for me, I wasn't even the one hosting the party.
I know.
I really am that fragile.)



  1. Been there, too. I'm glad you hung in there.

  2. thanks for the heads up! however, that little belly in the first shot is just begging to be poked...

  3. I guess Berry isn't getting any birthday parties for a while then... "lets not and say we did".

  4. I completely son has a January Birthday! Up here, in the Northeast...NOT a good time to throw a party. Either you're all cramped in your house with all the noise and mess to clean up afterwards OR you're spending a bundle to throw it somewhere else (where it's STILL loud and more than likely you STILL need to clean up) UGH!

  5. I got tired just reading about that birthday party! I can't imagine trying to herd that many three and four year olds for that length of time!

  6. Totally love the theme! I'm envious of anyone who has somewhere to wear wings & a tiara. I understand the party blues though, I went to Emma's 4th birhtday party this year & that too was brutal, the cake was good though!