Thursday, 20 November 2008

Une petite fille...

Here's a custom baby shower invitation I just finished. I loved this job – one of those times where everything just clicks. Of course by the time I was done I wanted to leap on a plane to Paris....

(Oh – the mama-to-be is an amazing musician who lives in Paris... I wasn't just applying random Frenchness!)



  1. Very nice Hel. Very nice.

    I just sent you some photos of the Eiffel tower - how about that?

    Actually, that's not a very interesting coincidence, is it.

  2. ...not that there's anything wrong with random Frenchness!

  3. *le sigh*
    I will ignore the fact that I now long to be in Paris again...and will instead focus on another sublime work from your good self.

    PS: Damn you.

  4. It made *me* long to be in Paris again too! I've been thinking about it for days. Frankly, I blame the client...

  5. I love this invitation, and more importantly,
    the mom to be loved it too! All the Savoys
    are thrilled. I think it should become a new
    card in your beautiful collection.