Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Great artwork of the '70s

I was busy beating my head against a little late-night creative block when this popped up in my in-box. Under the subject line "Great artwork of the '70s", my mum scanned in this Red Riding Hood drawing I did when I was in grade one (that's five years old, for the Americans).

Note that every hand is determinedly depicted with five fingers, despite the fact they end up looking like baseball mitts. Accuracy, ah yes.

The wolf says "Mm", Red Riding Hood says "Ooo", and that, I think, pretty much sums up the story...



  1. Hhhm. I think if Grade 4 Julian had run into Grade 1 Helen, he would have felt more than a little threatened - as much about the writing skills as the drawing.

    Yes, it's surprising how skill-less I was as a young tyke, when you consider how excellent I am now.

  2. oh cute!
    helen i hope it's not our card causing the creative block - i would feel horrible! :(