Sunday, 4 January 2009

There went Santa Claus

Berry was very concerned, in the days leading up to Christmas, that Santa might "come into my house and say HO HO HO at me". This would not have been acceptable.

What was acceptable was for Santa to come in very quietly and half-eat two cookies, and not wake Berry up, and leave her the Hello Kitty necklace that she had requested in not one but two very detailed letters dictated to mummy.

Santa came through, and all's well with the world.


  1. I think it's very cute, but please remind Berry that drawing Hello Kitty is ok for her own amusement, selling the drawings at pre-school would be copyright infringement.

  2. If only simple things like that would make us grownups happy!

  3. Ha Sherry! How many vigorous and semi-informed debates have we seen on THAT one!

    This kitty is honestly come by :)