Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I came to America in July of 2001, wondering if I'd ever be allowed to stay. I had to get through all kinds of expensive, stressful bureaucratic hoops to get a work visa, and later a fiancee visa, and later still my green card.

But ever since I became eligible for US citizenship a couple of years ago, I've been in a mental holding pattern about it. I couldn't picture myself pledging allegiance; I couldn't take the leap. But today I decided – I'm doing this.

Now, at last, it feels like time. Things have changed, and this country feels like mine.



  1. I was listening to NPR this morning and a Swedish woman who has been living in the US for 11 years said almost the same thing. Because of Obama and the new found pride she feels for this country, she finally made the decision to become an American citizen.

    Congratulations on taking such a profound leap... we're happy to have you ;-)

  2. Helen, this is wonderful news. See what hope can do? It took us 5 years of hoops to jump through to help Danny became a citizen.
    The room was filled with the young and theold, from all around the world, it was beautiful.

  3. Hooray for you! I'm glad it finally feels right. :)

  4. A new dawn, with new resolutions... Well, everything has good points and bad points. A good point is that you will be able to jump the horrible queues when entering the US. A bad point is that travelling under your new passport, there are a lot of places in the world where you are now a walking target and a figure of hate. (very sad but true, no threat intended) Don't ditch the Aussy one just yet if you can hold on to it ;-) Hope is all about a new begining:
    'All, all of a piece throughout
    Thy hunts had no beast in view
    Thy wars brought nothing about
    Thy lovers were all untrue
    T'is well an old age is out
    and time to beging anew'

  5. Thank you everyone! It feels good to be able to do this now. My husband and kids are American (well, the kids are half American!) and my home is here for the foreseeable future. I feel at home here, too.

    I would never (could never!) give up my Australian citizenship, or my Australian passport. Happily, I can have both!

  6. Well, we certainly welcome you with open arms! :)

  7. wow, such a big decision! glad you feel comfortable enough to make it - why not have the best of both worlds!

  8. This is so neat! I can't imagine making this kind of decision. I love the idea of dual citizenship. This is an exciting day!

  9. The times are definitely changing. With Obama in the White House, it seems like a new beginning in so many ways.
    Well done on making the decision that now is the time. But you will always be a happy little Vegemite!