Monday, 5 January 2009

Poor little malcontent

Kickbaby wants to stand up so badly, and he's so mad that he can't. Every time I try to sit him down on the floor he does vigorous straight-legs so that he remains standing while I hold him. He makes a few very satisfied "Hah" noises while he surveys the world from his rightful position, and then protests long and loud when his little knees buckle him to the floor.

He's pulling himself up on everything (but not managing to get fully upright yet) and banging his head on everything else. I mean everything else. We would buy him one of those baby-protector helmets, but then he'd have no friends. And the helmet wouldn't protect his nose and mouth and chin, which he also bangs against hard surfaces with great abandon.

Nothing stops him, either. If he sees a toy that he wants and the cross-bar of a table (for example) is in the way, he'll repeatedly bump his head into the cross-bar while trying to reach the toy. Crawl forward, bump, cry, sit back, see toy, crawl forward, bump, cry, sit back, see toy, crawl forward, bump... and in the end I have to remove him. His granddad says this is a positive – a "promising sign for his level of tenacity". I, on the other hand, think it foreshadows a loooong 18 years ahead until he "safely" reaches adulthood. And then, Uncle Aaron has colourfully illustrated for us how "safe" adulthood can be. Ahem.

Excuse me. I have to go rescue him again.



  1. Get the kid a helper monkey. Ok, that's probably going to create more problems than it solves. How about a butler?

  2. Aw, poor little guy. Boys are so different than girls! At least that's what I found with mine. My own little guy reminds me of the dog in "Marley and Me".

  3. By my estimation 18 years probably takes you to the least desirable age as far as safety's concerned but maybe I shouldn't have pointed that out.