Saturday, 17 January 2009

Letterpress: Red Berries

At last! The red berry letterpress cards I started printing way back in November are finished!

I based the design on this plant by our front courtyard...

...made some sketches one sunny afternoon...

...and after a lot of refining and redrawing in Illustrator, I sent the design away to have plates made.

I printed the red in early November, but I didn't get around to printing the green until mid-December, and I didn't get around to folding and photographing the cards until... well, now.

I mixed the colours myself and printed on 100% cotton Lettra stock on my Chandler & Price 8x12 Old Style. The registration was tricky at first and I had a bit of a struggle with getting the correct roller height (more tape on the rails – no, less – no, not that much less!)

In the end, everything came up roses.


  1. wowee!
    i'd like to order some!

  2. Thank you! When my online store for letterpress opens, these cards will be there! More on that later....

  3. These came out wonderful from sketch to finished product, they're beautiful!
    I've been away for a bit but I'll be back to catch up on more soon :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful! What kind of plates did you order? From Briar?

  5. Congrats- nice design and lovely printing. OR lovely design, nice printing, whichever comes first :)

  6. these turned out fantastic! love 'em!

  7. Helen, I love them. I think they'd make a beautiful holiday card.

  8. I remember the sketches! They finished pieces are sublime. Love them! Great work, H.