Saturday, 19 February 2011


Latte experts (hello Gerrod! hello Jules!) will see some flaws, including a few larger bubbles that slipped past the bouncer.

I just see YAY! Sort-of microfoam! Sort-of a pattern!!!

Just wait till I get myself a real latte art pitcher....

Oh yes, I am compulsively taking photos of my attempts at milk frothing. I'd like to say I'm documenting my progress, but I truly just can't help myself.

Yes. I am very, very caffeinated.

. . .


  1. Nice! That's a great pattern.

    I used to have the same problem/obsession--always had to have a camera on-hand.

  2. Helen, that looks so, so good! I can't wait to come and have one of your coffess! :-)

    To sort out those pesky bubbles: try putting the steam wand under the surface of the milk just a *touch* more. Either that or a good tap of the pitcher on your bench might do the trick.

    This technique looks just about perfect: note how towards the end she fully submerses the tip of the steam wand under the surface of the milk, which will stop it from "texturising" (how do people come up with these wanky terms?) any further:

    And if you're cash rich when looking for a new pitcher, me thinks this one would be a winner: