Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Moving house (to Germany)

Is that gentleman on the roof naked?  I believe he might be, but I can't see on this screen. Apologies to anyone who didn't want to see a naked man (even a stone one) at whatever time of day...

I might have too many blogs (two could be too many?) and bits of social media, because I think I neglected to say here that we are moving to Germany.


You can read about it here (click!) otherwise I'll just be repeating myself all over the place.

I have been doing a fair bit of lying awake at night, while it all sinks in...

Stay tuned for moving-around-the-world adventures and misadventures. There are bound to be plenty.

{The picture is relevant, sort of... I took that at Heidelberg Castle, last time we were in Germany.  He looks like he's looking for someone. I'd like to think it's us.}

. . .

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