Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I left the gym this morning and walked out into the carpark, and the sun was just up and the traffic was quiet and the clouds were tiny and the air felt like it reminded me of something from a long time back.

I thought about Germany and I thought about the things that have made me happy here. I got in the car and burst into tears, and then I drove home.

. . .


  1. Hhhm, I have read this a few times because it reminds me of times when I've had that feeling. It definitely happens more in the early morning, when the streets are empty. You feel like the world is yours, and you're happy and sad all at once. And then you add leaving to that; that's quite a cocktail. Sorry.

    And sorry, I didn't mean to dissect your sadness there, but I liked what your wrote.

  2. I just recently moved from NYC to Chicago, and before that I've moved more times than it's possible to count. I feel your pain. I cry about the things I miss now and then too.

  3. Well put, Helen. Moving continents is a big one, I don't blame you if you feel overwhelmed by it sometimes (I felt overwhelmed at times moving to the other side of the city re the packing, and we live in an appartment which would probably fit in a US-sized bathroom!). Deep breaths and best of luck with the next few months! xx

  4. You'll take a bit of this home with you when you leave. But I imagine you feel this way any time you leave one loved home for a new one.