Monday, 21 February 2011

Sucré = sweeeeet

Googling "best espresso New Orleans" was a great idea.

Yes, googling "best" anything usually leads to a lot of random sites and useless stuff but in this case it led me to a goldmine of a thread on Chowhound – and among the recommendations was Sucré.

Sucré is my newest New Orleans crush.

The lattes are beautiful, the cappuccinos are first class, the food is art...

...and every last detail is beautifully designed.  Visual feast is not putting it too strongly.

And the staff were lovely; and not just tolerant of the kids but openly welcoming.

I'm going back for more coffee. Much more coffee.  And a tshirt.

. . .


  1. The cake is frequently "taken care of" before I can get to it :)
    My own fault for lingering too long over the latte...

  2. i went to their site...handmade marshmallows?! hello heaven